Monday, November 30, 2009


The editor of LA Observed was kind enough to post this image late Sunday. When I initially shared the image I neglected to point out I was in south Riverside when I took it. Click on the image to see it larger.

The photo is named for Cucamonga Peak, the highest in the image. From LA it has a distinctive profile that sets it apart from others on the range front.

According to "Trails of the Angeles" author John W. Robinson the word "cucamonga" is derived from Shoshone for "sandy place" or "place of many springs." There is also a story about a chief sending his wayward daughter to the summit to serve penance for what he perceived to be passionate misdeeds. I'm not sure where that one comes from.

Cucamonga Peak and the Cucamonga Wilderness, designated wilderness by Congress in 1964, are part of the San Gabriel Mountains. But due to federal mapping of the local mountain forests, the east San Gabriels are considered part of the San Bernardino National Forest. The border between the Angeles and SBdo forests is at the LA-San Bdo county line, and one of the trailheads for Cucamonga Peak is just outside Baldy Village above Claremont.

Robinson in his wisdom makes the range whole again by including the east San Gabriels in "Trails of the Angeles."

Watershed News has been mentioned on LA Observed before. Here's a list from the site's search engine. It's about time I said a proper thank you.

According to the site, "LA Observed is an award-winning website devoted to independent reporting, informed commentary and selective linkage on the Los Angeles region and the news media. The site went live in May 2003 and is read daily by an elite audience of journalists, executives, government officials, politicians, authors, bloggers and others interested in the public life of Los Angeles."

The LA Observed post for this image is here.

Watershed News is now pleased to offer prints of any image you find on this site, aside from the few courtesy photos shared by others. If you are looking for affordable Christmas gifts this year, consider giving an image taken by an award-winning journalist. See my profile for a brief mention of awards. If you don't find an image here on this site that suits you, there are others on my flickr stream.

Even if you find the images to be average at best, you can always justify the affordable cost by knowing you are helping finance a site that up to now has been strictly non-profit. Did I say "affordable" enough times? Good. Contact me at if you are interested.


Here's another image from this afternoon:

From San Timoteo Canyon near the junction with Live Oak Canyon, east Redlands, San Bernardino Peak, Yucaipa Ridge, and San Gorgonio high country were visible this afternoon. The high mountains were shrouded in storm clouds all day Sunday.

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